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iDEALER Shuttle Management system overview

iDEALER Shuttle Management System was designed for dealerships of any size to streamline service shuttle operation while dramatically improve customer experience.

Key facts

  • iDEALER Shuttle Management System is SAAS cloud platform.
  • Newest technology enables real time data updates with no lag and need to refresh.
  • Top level security and customer data encryption.
  • Integration with an existing DMS for service appointments data and status.
  • Customer data will never travel outside of the country.
  • Immediate benefits realization for any dealership.
  • Demo accounts are provided for 30 days.
  • Quick on-boarding.
  • Local support.


The system consists of 4 major components; all work in harmony together with the help of proprietary artificial intelligence and custom tailored per dealership business logic automation.

Command center

Command center helps manage customers’ shuttle requests, parts runs, drivers routes and much more.

Driver app

Driver app provides the assigned routes instructions for the drivers, and enables them to execute the route.

Customer app

Customer app is web based application that was designed to work on any device and enable customers not only see real time shuttle location, but also create new or make changes to their existing shuttle requests without calling to the dealership.

Kiosk app

Kiosk enables customers to create shuttle requests while decreasing the wait time. Kiosk was designed for tablets to be installed at the dealerships. Dealerships can have unlimited number of kiosks.

Getting started

  1. Request demo
  2. Start using the system

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