Designed specifically for automotive dealerships to streamline an in-house drivers' operation, lower cost per ride, eliminate errors, and improve on CSI

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More parts delivered with Ai optimal routing

Less time to complete daily part runs with iDEAELR Ai autonomous dispatching

Uber for parts runs

Take advantage of iDEALER > Uber integration and get Uber drivers to deliver parts for your dealership (Size limited to the trunk of Toyota Corolla).

Handle high-demand situations with Uber drivers. Deliver more parts in less time. Expand the delivery area and reduce cost of long distance rides (Geofences controlled).

Operational Benefits

Ai creates optimal routes for your drivers on-duty

Whether it’s five deliveries or a hundred, iDEALER Ai will create the most optimal routes for the available drivers in less than a second resulting in significant time and mileage savings.

Real-time driver tracking via driver phones (no hardwired GPS)

iDEALER tracks drivers’ live locations via our app, which is installed on drivers' phones. No additional GPS hardware is needed.

White-label custom notifications for customers (Email or SMS)

The iDEALER Ai sends a precise ETA to the customer of the driver via SMS to email. All messaging is custom, branded to your dealership or the auto group, and multi-lingual.

Marketing component

The delivery or pickup status messaging has the opportunity for marketing activities, banners, and much more.

No more pen and paper

Parts delivery or pickup requests are entered into the system by dealership employees. The iDEALER Ai creates the most optimal routes for available drivers on the fly.

BI Reports

The iDEALER BI reporting component adds additional transparency to the operation, performance KPI as well as outline for additional parts delivery optimization opportunities, like drivers’ idle times.

Customer Experience

Live driver tracking (optional)

You can enable your customers or vendors to see live driver tracking as they go along the route.

Delivery status notifications (email or SMS)

Customers or vendors can receive delivery status notifications via SMS or Email.

Real-time ETA updates with high precision

The iDEALER system calculates precise ETA based on live traffic conditions in addition to historical traffic conditions resulting in an ETA with a one-minute variance.

Ability to reschedule the delivery or pickup without calling the parts department

Customers and vendors can modify the delivery time, change the delivery address, or cancel the delivery or the pickup on the fly without calling the dealership.

Driver Advantages

Drivers no longer need to plan their routes

iDEAELR Ai creates routes automatically (rarely done manually by dealership employees) and assigns them to the on-duty drivers.

iDEALER AI will create routes automatically (50 stops for two drivers under three secs)

Generally, it takes about an hour every morning for the drivers to plan their deliveries. The iDEALER Ai does all the work for the drivers in under three seconds, resulting in routes, that in many cases, lower fleet mileage by 25%.

Simple to follow instructions of where to drive and when

Drivers follow simple directions about where to drive, when, and what needs to be done. The driver simply needs to set the status (customer picked up or dropped off) at every stop.

Turn by turn navigation around traffic

Drivers no longer need to know the city, turn by turn navigation will take them where they need to go while rerouting around the traffic.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible

If equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the driver app will take advantage of it for easier operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there additional hardware required, like GPS trackers?

No, the system tracks drivers’ live locations via smartphones.

Do customers need to download something?

No, customers get the unique link via SMS that can be opened in any browser.

Is an Uber ride cost higher through your system?

No, Uber costs the same as you would order one yourself via the Uber app.

Can the sales team use valet module?

Yes, sales can use the same system to manage test drives at customer's home or vehicle deliveries.

How much and whats the ROI?

Parts delivery module is commonly offerend at no additional cost to the shuttle management system and will save your dealership 25% of overall mileage and time that it takes complete the part runs.

How long to implement and train?

Generally, it takes about five mins to show each parts advisor how to create part run request and just a little longer to show the drivers how to execute the route.

All the heavy lifting is done by the iDEALER Ai. The system comes preconfigured for your dealership with all employees created in the system and the Ai logic tailored to your parts department requirements.

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