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Improvement in overall shuttle mileage with optimal routes
Reduction in shuttle-related
phone calls
Free up your shuttle coordinator with automatic dispatching

New hybrid solution with Uber integration

  • Handle high-demand situations, or shuttle driver calls in sick
  • Lower customer waiting time
  • Reduce cost of long distance rides
  • Manage “5pm downtown runs” with or without the shuttle driver
  • Geofences based dispatching to Uber automation (optional)
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Operational Benefits
Ai creates optimal routes for your on-duty drivers
The system automatically creates the most optimal routes and assigns them to available in-house drivers resulting in a lower customer waiting time and decreased shuttle mileage.
Real-time driver tracking via driver phones (no hardwired GPS)
iDEALER tracks drivers’ live locations via our app, which is installed on drivers' phones. No additional GPS hardware is needed.
No more scheduling by hand or missed requests
The iDEALER dispatching Ai will run every time a new request for a shuttle is created or modified, resulting in the most optimal picture considering drivers' locations, availability, and what they need to do next.
Reduce BDC call volume
Because customers now get a precise ETA, live driver location, and the ability to make changes without calling the dealership, the BDC shuttle-related call volume is drastically reduced.
Dealer branded multilingual interfaces
All SMS messaging and customer interfaces are branded to the dealership or the auto group. Everything that we send to the customer can be customized and carry marketing opportunities. Yes, iDEALER can speak multiple languages and automatically tailor the language based on the customer phone language.
BI reporting
The iDEALER BI reporting component adds transparency to the operation as well as suggestions for additional optimization opportunities and cost savings.
Customer Experience
Drastically reduced waiting time, and time in vehicle
The iDEALER Ai provides the most optimal picture every time. The algorithm can solve for the lowest possible driver utilization, most optimal mileage, and much more. Most dealerships’ Ai is set to solve for customer waiting time and the time in the vehicle. For example, if there are two available drivers and two customers to be taken to different parts of town, the Ai will dispatch both drivers, creating two separate routes rather than one.
Live driver tracking, real-time ETA updates
Customers get SMS with shuttle pickup ETA and a link to the customer interface where they can see live driver location.
Communicate with the driver directly
The customer interface enables direct messaging and calling to the driver that the Ai allocated.
Create new or make changes to the existing request without calling the dealer
The customer interface enables changes to the time of the pickup, address, number of passengers as well as ability to cancel the request.
No apps to download or install. Works with any browser
Customers don’t need to download anything. The iDEALER Ai sends a unique link to the customer that can be opened in any browser on any device.
Self-service shuttle request Kiosk (optional)
A customer shuttle kiosk enables customers to create the ride requests themselves (it is commonly done by service advisors for the customers) and can be easily installed on any tablet or PC at the service lounge.
Driver Advantages
Drivers no longer need to plan their routes
iDEAELR Ai creates routes automatically (rarely done manually by dealership employees) and assigns them to the on-duty drivers.
Changes are handled by AI automation and the dealership's custom-tailored business logic
Changes to the requests are the most complicated part of the Ai. Every time there’s a change, the Ai will create the most optimal picture for your available drivers in less than a second. Every dealership is different, and the Ai logic settings are tailored to the dealership’s business needs.
Simple to follow instructions of where to drive and when
Drivers follow simple directions about where to drive, when, and what needs to be done. The driver simply needs to set the status (customer picked up or dropped off) at every stop.
Turn by turn navigation around traffic
Drivers no longer need to know the city, turn by turn navigation will take them where they need to go while rerouting around the traffic.
Continue to the next route without returning to the dealer
After the driver drops the last customer off, the Ai looks for the pickups and checks whether it’s more efficient to dispatch an available driver who is closer to the pickup location.
Ability to communicate easily with the customers
Drivers can simply tap the customer card to call or SMS the customers with custom or predefined messages for quicker communication and fewer typos.
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible
If equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the driver app will take advantage of it for easier operation.
Frequently asked questions
Is there additional hardware required, like GPS trackers?
No, the system tracks drivers’ live locations via smartphones.
Do customers need to download something?
No, customers get the unique link via SMS that can be opened in any browser.
Is an Uber ride cost higher through your system?
No, Uber costs the same as you would order one yourself via the Uber app.
Can the sales team use valet module?

Yes, sales can use the same system to manage test drives at customer's home or vehicle deliveries.

How long to implement and train?

Generally, it takes about five mins to show each service advisor how to create and edit shuttle requests and maybe a little longer to show the drivers how to execute the route.

All the heavy lifting is done by the iDEALER Ai. The system comes preconfigured for your dealership with all employees created in the system and the Ai logic tailored to your requirements.