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Creating new shuttle requests

Creating new shuttle pickup or drop off request can be done in dispatcher interface by dealership employees or by customers themselves via SMS link or at the dealership customer kiosk.

To create the shuttle request for your customer in select + Create new Shuttle Request from the side menu


Start typing customer name and the phone number, the system will suggest the matching customers.

If the system has the customer info from before or is integrated to the DMS the customers and the appointment data will auto populate.  


  1. New appointment should be displayed by default
  2. Select yourself from the service advisor list
  3. Set the appointment status. Learn more about the appointment statuses
    • Open. Used when creating the shuttle request before the service appointment date.
    • Vehicle in service. Customer is at the dealership and dropped the vehicle off.
    • Vehicle ready. Customers vehicle is now ready for pickup.
    • Completed. Appointment is completed.


1. Enter the requests address. The system will suggest the service locations addresses.

Drop off request has service locations address in the From fieldPickup request has service locations address in the To field

2. Start typing the address or the place name, the system will suggest the full address.

3. Enter the requests date and time.

Use ASAP in cases when customer requires shuttle right away. This will put the request to the top of the requests list. 

4. Enter number of passengers in this request.

5. Add request note, if needed.

The system will show your note only to dealership employees and the drivers, not to the customer. You can go back and edit the note at any time by editing the request.

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