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Dispatcher profile settings

Profile settings

All users of the shuttle management can identify you by your user profile. Changes such as the first name,last name, phone number, and the password of the user can be made.

Profile settings can allow you to edit the dispatcher user profile.

This function can be selected on the bottom left of the screen, click on the avatar icon.

The user avatar can be changed within the edit profile function.

Changing dispatcher user information

Change the desired user names, phone number, and password then click ‘save’

Changing user avatar

This avatar is displayed to the other system users including customers. Avatar must meet your company guidelines, uploaded avatars are not filtered for content.

From the profile settings page click the picture icon on the avatar to change the picture.

Uploaded user avatar image must be in ‘JPEG’ format as a square image 

Avatar pictures will be displayed to customers and drivers, make sure the picture is centered and easily displayed.

After picture has uploaded click ‘save’

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